The Kotasaari island is located in the middle of Finland, in the Mankilankylä village of the municipality of Siikalatva. You can get there easily by public transport, for instance. The island offers an unspoilt natural setting for your holiday as well as for many kinds of events.

Come and enjoy having an entire island all to yourself in a traditional Finnish cottage idyll!

The cottage has no electricity, and the washing water is taken right from the lake, just like in the old days. The cottage comfortably accommodates two people. If you want to stay on the island with a larger group, it can be done using tents that can be attached to trees, and/or covered hammocks.
In addition to the island and the cottage side, you also have a canoe or a rowing boat available to you. Ecological and sustainable holidaymaking is highlighted on the Kotasaari island: the visitor is in close contact with the natural environment. Please pay attention to this in your actions and when deciding what to bring to the island with you.

Reservations and queries

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